Fast cleaning times. Less downtime. In other words: a good, clean solution.

PolyPlus® LD 1925 ZZ is a versatile, stabilized, and extremely effective purge compound on an LDPE basis specially developed to reduce the cleaning times of extrusion and injection molding plants to a minimum. It should be used before dismantling and cleaning the extruder, during planned and unforeseen extruder downtimes and during material and colour changes.

PolyPlus® LD 1925 ZZ contains surfactants and abrasive agents with mechanical and chemical cleaning properties to remove degraded polymer and pigments from the extruder and from the die.

The use of PolyPlus® LD 1925 ZZ immediately before the cleaning process has shown that downtimes can be reduced my more than 50%!

This also applies for product and/or colour changes.

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